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Kontor: SOL/D4.34
E-mail: nh.acc@cbs.dk
Niina Hakala

Niina received her Bachelor's and Master's degree in Management Accounting from the university of Turku. Her degree also included an interdisciplinary program dealing with different sustainability issues. She joined the Department of Accounting at CBS in December 2018 as a PhD fellow.

The working title of her PhD dissertation is "An inquiry into corporate reporting in the New Climatic Regime" in which she aims to explore the phenomena of sustainability reporting through different case studies. In more detail, her focus is in understanding the nature and development of corporate reporting rules, practices and the realities such practices effectuate and provoke in a broader sociopolitical context. Such topics are approached from an anthropological and pragmatist angle, deriving inspiration from authors such as Latour, Deleuze, Stengers and Callon.

In broader sense, her areas of interest include economic sociology, critical perspectives on accounting, and philosophy of science.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Nature and development of (integrated/sustainability/corporate) reporting rules and practices
  • Sociopolitical effects of non-financial reporting (i.e. reporting and financialisation)

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