Stefano Ponte & Dan Brockington co-edit a special issue of Third World Quarterly

The Green Economy in the Global South


Third World Quarterly

From the editorial introduction: 

"As multiple visions for a Green Economy seek to become real, so are green economic initiatives in the Global South multiplying. These can offer integration into wealth-generating markets – as well as displacement, alienation, conflict and opportunities for ‘green washing’. The articles included in this collection bring together a multidisciplinary team of scholars and a range of case studies, from forestry governance to tourism to carbon finance, to provide nuanced analyses of Green Economy experiences in the Global South – examining the opportunities they provide, the redistributions they entail and the kinds of resistance they face.”

Stefano Ponte & Dan Brockington (eds): The green economy in the global south: experiences, redistributions and resistances, pp. 2197-2206 in Third World Quarterly, Vol. 36, Issue 12. DOI: 10.1080/01436597.2015.1086639

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