Ph.D. Defence Peter Alexander Albrecht

Foundational Hybridity and its Reproduction: Security Sector Reform in Sierra Leone

Mandag, 29 oktober, 2012 - 09:00 to 11:00

In order to obtain the PhD degree, Peter Alexander Albrecht has submitted his PhD thesis.

This thesis argues that security sector reform has failed according to its ambition of establishing a ’centrally governed state’. Based on extensive fieldwork in Sierra Leone, it is argued that a primary reason for this is to be found in the concept of authority that state-building projects and much of the academic work that underpins it.


Professor Anna Leander

Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

Copenhagen Business School

Senior Researcher Lars Buur

Danish Institute for International Studies

Assessment Committee: 

Associate Professor Ester Barinaga (Chair)

Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

Copenhagen Business School 

Associate Professor Rita Abrahamsen

School of International Development and Global Studies

University of Ottawa

Associate Professor William Reno

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Northwestern University

Everybody is welcome to attend the defence, which will take place in English.

The defence will be followed by a reception in Kilen, ground floor.

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