• 30.03.2022

    CBS events in April

    With this spotlight, we present to you some of the many different events taking place at CBS each month. Join us this April for the very first CBS Tech Day, or attend the Career Fair and have a chat about your future job opportunities and career path.
  • 22.03.2022

    Comment on political regionalisation agreement

    A political agreement on regionalisation has been made and as announced, CBS will close four programmes. However, the agreement entails that CBS will not have to reduce the student intake by as much as 10%.
  • 14.03.2022

    Book a CBS researcher at the Danish Science Festival

    What is the alternative to capitalism, and how can blockchain change society? The Danish Science Festival takes place from 22-29 April, and here you have the opportunity to meet CBS researchers and get a unique insight into their areas of expertise.
  • 09.03.2022

    CBS is in when CPH:DOX launches 23 March

    The international festival on documentaries, CPH:DOX, has a special focus on science this year – not just in the DOX:SCIENCE programme, but in the festival as such. Which is why Copenhagen Business School with its three cross disciplinary research platforms joins again as content partner, following last year’s success where many thousands followed the online opening of the science programme and other debates. This time our researchers are ready to discuss how research can contribute to the solution of global challenges such as inequality, digital transformations and diversity. CPH:DOX runs from 23 March-3 April and this time it is LIVE – so check out the programme and find your seat at the cinema and for the engaging debates.
  • 01.03.2022

    The War in Ukraine: Find an expert

    Russia has invaded Ukraine. With this list, you can find experts from CBS who can inform and contribute to the debate on aspects such as SWIFT, the effect on global trade, exchange rates and investments, travel patterns, the risk of recession, and much more.
  • 01.03.2022

    Spotlight on new research publications in March

    Which role does cross-sectoral collaboration play in the transition from linear to circular production systems? Does human reflexivity disappear as datafication and automation expand, and machines take over decision-making? What influence does the quality of the public transport system have on our quality of life? Find the answer to these questions along with many others in this month’s spotlight on new research publications from CBS.