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Dr. Wolfgang Sofka is Professor for Strategic and International Management at the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School. He obtained his doctoral degree from the University of Hamburg and Master degrees from Wayne State University Detroit (Economics) as well as the University of Augsburg (Business Administration). He currently also holds a professorial appointment as Chair in International Business (part time, permanent) at the University of Liverpool Management School.

Wolfgang’s research focuses on topics in international and innovation strategy. He investigates how firms search for innovative ideas and commercialize them successfully. This includes the strategic choices of multinational companies (MNCs), the hiring of strategic human capital as well as value capturing strategies. Wolfgang’s research has appeared in leading journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of International Business Studies, Research Policy or the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. He provides regular research inputs to international organizations such as the European Commission or the International Monetary Fund.

Primary research areas
  • Strategic Human Capital

  • Innovation

  • Knowledge search

  • Knowledge protection

Curriculum Vitae
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Selected publications
  • Olsen, Anders Ørding, Wolfgang Sofka and Christoph Grimpe (2016), Coordinated Exploration for Grand Challenges: The Role of Advocacy Groups in Search Consortia, Academy of Management Journal 59(6), 2232-2255.
  • Santangelo, Grazia, Vera Rocha and Wolfgang Sofka (2024), Refugee Hiring and Organizational Performance, Organization Science, forthcoming.
  • Grimpe, Christoph, Ulrich Kaiser and Wolfgang Sofka (2019), Signaling Valuable Human Capital: Advocacy Group Work Experience and its Effect on Employee Pay in Innovative Firms, Strategic Management Journal, 40(4), 685-710.
  • Distel, Andreas, Wolfgang Sofka, Pedro de Faria, António Ribeiro and Miguel Preto (2022), Dynamic Capabilities for Hire – How Former Host Country Entrepreneurs as MNC Subsidiary Managers Affect Performance, Journal of International Business Studies. 53(4): 657-688.
  • Grecu, Alina, Wolfgang Sofka, Marcus Møller Larsen and Torben Pedersen (2022), Unintended Signals: Why Companies with a History of Offshoring Have to Pay Wage Penalties for New Hires, Journal of International Business Studies, 53 (3): 534–549.
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Grazia D. Santangelo; Vera Rocha; Wolfgang Sofka / Refugee Hiring and Organizational Performance
In: Organization Science, 23.2.2024
Journal article > peer review
Thijs Broekhuizen; Henri Dekker; Pedro de Faria; Sebastian Firk; Dinh Khoi Nguyen; Wolfgang Sofka / AI for Managing Open Innovation : Opportunities, Challenges, and a Research Agenda.
In: Journal of Business Research, Vol. 167, 11.2023
Journal article > peer review
Ulrich Kaiser; Christoph Grimpe; Wolfgang Sofka / Catalyzing Gender Equality : Foreign MNC Subsidiaries as Agents of Change in Mitigating Wage Discrimination Against Women.
Bonn : IZA 2023, 41 p. (IZA Discussion Paper, No. 16580)
Working paper
Christoph Grimpe; Wolfgang Sofka; Ulrich Kaiser / Competing for Digital Human Capital : The Retention Effect of Digital Expertise in MNC Subsidiaries.
In: Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 54, No. 4, 6.2023, p. 657-685
Journal article > peer review
Ulrich Kaiser; Wolfgang Sofka; Christoph Grimpe / Creating Marketing Innovation Abroad : The Value of Marketing Professionals in Foreign MNC Subsidiaries.
In: Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 112, 7.2023, p. 145-159
Journal article > peer review
Elena Golovko; Cindy Lopes Bento; Wolfgang Sofka / Learning by Exporting for Marketing Innovation
In: Industry and Innovation, Vol. 30, No. 5, 2023, p. 607-635
Journal article > peer review
Bettina Peters; Josefine Diekhof; Christoph Grimpe; Hannes Marks; Wolfgang Sofka / Machbarkeitsstudie : Technologiemärkte.
Berlin : Expertenkommission Forschung und Innovation (EFI) 2023, 153 p. (Studien zum deutschen Innovationssystem, No. 8-2023)
Reda Cherif; Christoph Grimpe; Fuad Hasanov; Wolfgang Sofka / Promoting Innovation : The Differential Impact of R&D Subsidies.
In: Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, Vol. 23, No. 3/4, 12.2023, p. 187-241
Journal article > peer review
Christoph Grimpe; Katrin Hussinger; Wolfgang Sofka / Reaching Beyond the Acquirer-target Dyad in M&A : Linkages to External Knowledge Sources and Target Firm Valuation.
In: Long Range Planning, Vol. 56, No. 3, 6.2023
Journal article > peer review
Agnes Guenther; Andreas Distel; Wolfgang Sofka / Salary Comparison within Marriages and its Effect on the Salary Negotiations of R&D Workers
Paper presented at DRUID23 Conference, 2023
Paper > peer review
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