Department of Management, Society and Communication

External lecturer

Room: POR/24.A-1.76
E-mail: xl.msc@cbs.dk

I am, by inclination, a theory-oriented researcher, aspiring to develop new theories that deepen our understandings of critical academic questions and important practical issues. I have broad research interests within business and management field. Currently, I focus on addressing some foundational theoretical questions of international business, strategic management, and paradox research. I am particularly interested in bridging Chinese and Western perspectives in business and management scholarship.

Primary research areas
  • International business
  • Strategic management
  • Quantum management thinking
  • Management and organizational paradox
  • Indigenous Chinese management research
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Teaching at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Asian Economic Organization and Competitiveness (BSc in International Business in Asia, formerly ASP)
  • Institutions and Business Strategies in the Chinese Context (MSc in Business, Language and Culture, BLC)

Teaching at Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC), Beijing, China

  • Government and Business (MScoSci in Public Management & Social Development)


Selected publications

Xin Li (forthcoming). ‘Is “Yin-Yang balancing” superior to ambidexterity as an approach to paradox management?’, Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Xin Li & L. Ma (forthcoming) ‘Chinese management research needs self-confidence but not over-confidence’, Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Xin Li, V. Worm, & P. Xie (2018) ‘Towards an integrative framework of conflict-handling behaviour: Integrating Western and Chinese perspectives’, Asia Pacific Business Review, 24(1): 22-36.

Xin Li (2018). ‘How emerging market resource-poor firms compete and outcompete advanced country resource-rich rivals: An asymmetry reversing theory’, Cross-Cultural & Strategic Management, 25(3): 538-544.

Xin Li (2018). ‘Zhong-Yong as dynamic balancing between Yin-Yang opposites’, Cross-Cultural & Strategic Management, 25(2): 375-379.

Xin Li & L. Ma (2015) ‘Management practices across countries: Converging in some aspects but diverging in others’, Management and Organization Review, 11(4): 795-805.

Xin Li (2014) ‘Can Yin-Yang Guide Chinese Indigenous Management Research?’, Management and Organization Review, 10(1): 7-27.

Xin Li & J. Gammelgaard (2014) ‘An integrative model of internationalization strategies: The corporate entrepreneurship – institutional environment – regulatory focus (EIR) framework’, Critical Perspectives on International Business, 10(3): 152-171

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Xin Li / Normative stakeholder theory : An employee compensation perspective.
In: Proceedings of 2008 EBEN-UK Annual Conference, April 1-2, New Hall, The University of Cambridge, UK2008
Article in proceedings > peer review
Xin Li / Reconciling the convergent stakeholder theory debate : A relationship-harmonization approach.
In: Proceedings of 2008 EBEN-UK Annual Conference, April 1-2, 2008, New Hall, The University of Cambridge, UK2008
Article in proceedings > peer review
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