Slides from Financial Advice Seminar

Below you can download the slides from our Financial Advice Seminar held on March 22, 2017.


As individuals, we are constantly assumed greater responsibility for our own financial well-being in recent years and the complexity will only increase with longevity and a rapidly aging population. Many scholars have persistently argued that the only efficient solution is to invest in index funds. But is this right when 80 % of most consumers have no interest and limited financial literacy. In parallel, consumers are faced with financial services and products characterized by a growing complexity, wall of regulation and incomprehensible tax legislation. In a low/zero interest environment totally different risk profiles are needed, if one does not want only to be in cash and get nothing as return

In view of these developments - which make the misallocation of funds both more likely and more momentous - professional financial advice as a qualified source of guidance, appears to be a promising approach to avoid making poor financial decisions. Specifically, for individuals with low levels of financial literacy, but how can one assure that their interests are safeguarded in the future?

This problematic was address at the Financial Advice Seminar on Wednesday the 22nd of March. 

See the power point slides from the seminar here: 

File financial_advice_presentation_bh_20170322_final.pptx

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