Danish executives' big pay raises


Caspar Rose, Center for Corporate Governance, comments on a recent CEO compensation review in Børsen and DR P4 Radioavisen


Caspar Rose was interviewed in Børsen on Saturday March 8, 2014 (section 1, p. 4) and in DR P4 Radioavisen regarding the considerable pay raise Danish executives have experienced the last couple of years. According to Børsen Fakta, who has carried out a pay review of the C20 (Fondsbørsen) executives' pay, the Danish executives were paid 712 mil. DKK in 2013 compared to 527 mil. DKK in 2010.

Caspar Rose stresses that the most important aspect of CEO compensation is not the pay level but on the other hand transparency. The pay has to match the performance. Furthermore, Danish executives are generally paid less than CEO's in other countries, so the current pay increase is closing some of the gap.

The article is in Danish and can be found at Børsen. Also mentioned in Arbejderen.dk, Berlingske Nyhedsbureau and Epn.dk


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