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Bjarne Astrup
Associate professor

Room: SOL/A5.02
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Marcel Fischer; Bjarne Astrup Jensen; Marlene Koch / Optimal Retirement Savings Over the Life Cycle : A Deterministic Analysis in Closed Form.
In: Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, Vol. 112, 9.2023, p. 48-58
Journal article > peer review
Bjarne Astrup Jensen; Michael Møller / Den misforståede gevinst ved opkonvertering
In: Finans/Invest, No. 5, 2022, p. 5-10
Journal article > peer review
Marcel Fischer; Bjarne Astrup Jensen / Economic Growth and the Debt Tax Shield
Poster session presented at AEA Annual Meeting 2020, 2020
Poster > peer review
Michael Møller; Bjarne Astrup Jensen / Optimal risikospredning for små aktieinvestorer i en kompliceret verden
In: Finans/Invest, No. 3, 6.2019, p. 16-22
Journal article > peer review
Marcel Fischer; Bjarne Astrup Jensen / The Debt Tax Shield in General Equilibrium
In: Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol. 100, 3.2019, p. 151-166
Journal article > peer review
Marcel Fischer; Bjarne Astrup Jensen / The Debt Tax Shield, Economic Growth and Inequality
Paper presented at European Financial Management Association 2019 Annual Meetings, 2019
Paper > peer review
Stephen A. Buser; Bjarne Astrup Jensen / The First Difference Property of the Present Value Operator
In: Quarterly Journal of Finance, Vol. 7, No. 4, 2017
Journal article > peer review
Bjarne Astrup Jensen; Jørgen Aase Nielsen / How Suboptimal are Linear Sharing Rules?
In: Annals of Finance, Vol. 12, No. 2, 5.2016, p. 221–243
Journal article > peer review
Marcel Fischer; Bjarne Astrup Jensen / Taxation, Transfer Income and Stock Market Participation
In: Review of Finance, Vol. 19, No. 2, 2015, p. 823-863
Journal article > peer review
Bjarne Astrup Jensen / Makeham's Formula : Some Applications in Fixed Income Analysis .
Paper presented at 2013 Midwest Economics Association Annual Meeting, 2013
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Research Projects
Outside activities
  • Landsbyggefonden, professional review concerning LCCByg (minesterial program for lifecycle economic analysis of social housing). In cooperation with engineer Hnerik Funch.
  • Levring & Levring A/S, preparation of note concerning Danish mortgage.