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Women in Leadership in the South Pacific 2020


The world needs more female leaders. And even more so in countries with low gender equality. Fiji ranks 106 in the world in the 2019 World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report. A large number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and donors have been working to reduce domestic violence and increase women's economic empowerment in the region. Yet, such efforts are largely directed towards women outside the formal economy, mostly women in local communities, and have limited or no impact. At the same time, a growing number of women are employed in the business sector of Fiji and are holding or advancing towards middle management and upper echelons positions. The aim of this research project is to create a first empirical account of women in leadership in the largest business organizations in Fiji. Through field work and collaboration with the University of South Pacific this research project will create the first comprehensive database of women in business in Fiji and will develop the methodology to collect this data on yearly basis through an online survey. The project has the potential to have a great impact in the South Pacific where statistical data is limited and best practices and role models of female leaders can go a long way to inspire future generations and current business leaders.


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