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The Human Turn is a 3-year research programme supported by the Velux Foundation as an integrative initiatives within their humanities programme. The research programme runs from 2012-2014.The Human Turn is concerned with the new determination of the human and the human sciences. The topic of the human sciences is today called upon by many scientific and practical areas. Simultaneously the human sciences are under pressure to justify themselves. The research programme The Human Turn intends to examine, how the human sciences can respond to this challenge.The programme is based on six individual research projects about exemplary cross-disciplinary fields in which an interdisciplinary human science is developing. These include the science of the welfare state, health sciences, ecological sciences and the science of management. On the basis of these projects the programme will perform a coherent analysis of the new human sciences and provide an answer to the state of their current role.The six individual research projects in The Human Turn are: Kirsten Hastrup, University of Copenhagen: Anthropology between nature and society: the human turn within the natural sciences, climate and environment. Uffe Juul Jensen, University of Aarhus: Life as a problem: The human turn within medicine and bio-science. Anne-Marie Mai, University of Southern Denmark: The human turn in welfare research. Sverre Raffnsøe, Copenhagen Business School: The humanisation of business studies and the valorisation of man: the human turn within business studies, management and the creation of value. Morten Raffnsøe-Møller, University of Aarhus: The politicization of culture and the culturalization of politics: the human turn within political science and theory. Assistant Professor NN, Copenhagen Business School: The human turn within psychiatry and the natural sciences. The Human Turn hosts an open international conference-series under the heading ”The Humanities towards a New Agenda”. The first conference with the title ”Mapping the Humanities” takes place on November 21-22, 2012. In 2013 we host the conference ”Negotiating the Humanities”, and in 2014 ”The Future of the Humanities”. The conference-series is organized in collaboration with the research programme Humanomics: Mapping the Dynamics of the Humanities, which is also supported by the Velux Foundation. Read more about The Human Turn on


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