World Competitiveness Online

Measuring and comparing country competitiveness. Online version of World Competitiveness Yearbook from IMD

World Competitiveness Online contents

Annual report on the competitive strength of some 60 countries. The report summarises and examines the economic and political conditions that create and underpin company competitiveness.

Access to statistical country and regional indicators, as well as 5-year time series based on 312 criteria elucidating economic conditions, public sector efficiency, as well as corporate performance and infrastructure of the countries considered.

The  database allows you to convert the data into tables and charts and download it all into Excel and PDF.

Hints from the librarian 

Hints from the librarian

In the Methodology section you can scrutinize the methods employed  by IMD and browse the FAQ that, among other things, offers definitions of the Competitiveness  concept and provides insights into the relevance of the database.



World Competitiveness Online Facts

Period 1995-
Geography +/- 60 countries, depending on the year
Provider IMD




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The database is available on CBS campus and through remote access.
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