BrowZine is an exciting service that lets you explore, read and follow the best academic journals. Use it on your computer or download the app for your phone or tablet. You'll never run out of good stuff to read.

BrowZine contents

BrowZine is a new and smart way to browse academic journals and articles. The journals are divided into subjects and it is very easy to browse and be inspired.

Many of the journals CBS Library has a subscription to is available in BrowZine. Some journals as far back as 2005. BrowZine has integrated a feature that leads you to all the journals CBS subscribes to, even the ones not available in BrowZine. That way you can use BrowZine every time you are looking for a journal.

One of the great advantages with BrowZine is how easy it is to follow your favourite journals and keep up with the latest research as it is published.

Hints from the librarian 

What you can do with BrowZine

  • Make a collection of your favourite journals and get notifications when a new issue is published
  • Save interesting articles for later reads or read them right away
  • Synchronize between your devices.

How you cannot use BrowZine

  • BrowZine is not a search engine and therefore not suitable for searching for articles.

Download app

  • Open BrowZine app where ever you download apps
  • Go to "Choose Library" and choose Copenhagen Business School.

Get started

  • Navigate to "subjects", look at the subcategories and all the exiting journals you can read and follow
  • Save favourites to your bookshelf
  • Watch BrowZine's video guide.


BrowZine facts

Coverage Earliest 2005-
Provider Third Iron



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