Bloomberg is the largest and best source of financial market data in the world.

Bloomberg contents

The Bloomberg terminal is an integrated platform providing access to price quotes, financial market and trade data, news, and much more. Bloomberg covers all listed companies worldwide and contains information about more than 5 million bonds, stocks, commodities, currencies, and trusts as well as profiles of more than 1 million people. CBS Library provides access to three Bloomberg terminals. Only CBS students have access to the terminal.

Hints from the librarian 

Bloomberg features an elaborate help menu. Click the green HELP button in the top left corner once to get help for the function you are currently working with.

If you click HELP twice you will activate the Bloomberg chat function which is open 24/7 and can answer almost any question you may have.

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Søren Madsen, CBS Bibliotek,

Bloomberg facts

Period Up to 30 years back, depending on type of data
Geography The world
Provider Bloomberg




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