Course Code Course
AO-ASTHO1003U Quantitative Research Methods in Tourism and Hospitality
AO-ASTHO1004U Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality
AO-ASTHO1005U Digitalization in Tourism and Hospitality
AO-ASTHO1011U Analysing Tourism Value Chains and Business Models
AO-ASTHO1012U Research Design and Data Curation in Tourism and Hospitality
AO-ASTHO2001U Master's Project
AO-ASTHV1003U Change and Digital Transformation in Tourism and Hospitality
AO-ASTHV1012U Collaborative Business Models in Tourism and Hospitality
AO-ASTHO1002U Advances in Tourist Behaviour
BA-BASPV1001U Internship 7.5 ECTS
AO-ASTHV1013U Changing Touristic Behaviour
BA-BASPV1002U Internship 15 ECTS
BA-BASPV1234U Emerging Markets - Societies in transition
BA-BBLCO1215U Accounting and Financial Analysis
BA-BBLCO1218U Bachelor Project
BA-BBLCO1221U Corporate Finance
BA-BBLCO1243U Macroeconomics
BA-BBLCO2015U Interdisciplinary Research Methods
BA-BBLCO1225U Microeconomics
BA-BBLCO2101U Cultural Analysis for Business
BA-BBLCO2102U Business Study Report
BA-BBLCO2103U International Business and Sustainability
BA-BBLCO2104U Cultural Identity and Analysis
BA-BBLCO2105U Organisation, Communication and Culture
BA-BBLCO2106U Politics of Sustainability
BA-BBLCO2107U Year 1 Research Project on Business and Organizations for a Sustainable, Global Society
BA-BBLCU1226U Quantitative Business Research
BA-BBLCO2100U Globalisation and Sustainability
BA-BBLCV1162U Scandinavian Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility
BA-BBLCV1702U There’s no such thing as the economy: An introduction to economic anthropology
BA-BBLCV1703U Introduction to Leadership: Conventional and Critical Perspectives
BA-BBLCV2301U Marketing Essentials in a Perspective of Future Sustainability
BA-BBLCV2302U Startup Internship at CSE
BA-BBLCV2303U Decision Making Processes: Learning social responsibility through group dynamics
BA-BBLCV6000U Fashion Entrepreneurship and Business Development
BA-BBLCV7500U Area Study Paper
BA-BBLFO1021U Area Studies 1 - French: State, identities and cultures
BA-BBLFO1024U Area Studies 4 - French: Green transformation of firms, climate change and sustainability
BA-BBLFO2122U Area Studies 2 - French: Markets, institutions and globalization processes
BA-BBLFO2123U Area Studies 3 - French: Intercultural management and corporate communication
BA-BBLSO1021U Area Studies 1 - Spanish: State, identities and cultures
BA-BBLSO1024U Area Studies 4 - Spanish: Green transformation of firms, climate change and sustainability
BA-BBLSO2122U Area Studies 2 - Spanish: Markets, institutions and globalization processes
BA-BBLSO2123U Area Studies 3 - Spanish: Intercultural management and corporate communication
BA-BBLTO1021U Area Studies 1 - German: State, identities and cultures
BA-BBLTO1024U Area Studies 4 - German: Green transformation of firms, climate change and sustainability
BA-BBLTO2122U Area Studies 2 - German: Markets, institutions and globalization processes
BA-BBLCU6001U The Corporation in Society: Managing Beyond Markets
BA-BBLTO2123U Area Studies 3 - German: Intercultural management and corporate communication
BA-BDMAO1001U Managing Innovation in Organizations
BA-BDMAO1002U Digital Technologies and Data-Driven Business
BA-BDMAO1022U Managing Communication, Marketing and Relations
BA-BDMAO1023U Business Data Analytics, Quantitative Methods and Visualization
BA-BDMAO1024U Economics in the Digital Age
BA-BDMAO1026U Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
BA-BDMAO2001U Financial Accounting and Reporting and its Digital Context
BA-BDMAO2002U Corporate Finance
BA-BDMAO2003U Globalisation, Outsourcing and Virtual Organising
BA-BDMAO2004U Information Management in Organizations
BA-BDMAO1003U Regulation and Governance of Digital Business
BA-BDMAO2022U Business Models and Value Chains in the Digital Economy
BA-BDMAO2023U Digital Organization
BA-BDMAO2024U Technology and Societal Transformations
BA-BDMAO3021U Research Methods
BA-BDMAO3022U Bachelor Project
BA-BDMAV2001U Winning in the Digital Age: Applications in Data Analysis with R
BA-BDMAV3000U Internship, 7.5 ECTS
BA-BDMAV3001U Internship
BA-BEBUO1001U Organisational Theory
BA-BEBUO1002U The European Business Framework
BA-BEBUO1004U Microeconomics
BA-BEBUO1005U Strategic Management
BA-BDMAO2021U Knowledge, Leadership, and Change Management
BA-BEBUO1011U Business and European Governance
BA-BEBUO1010U Statistics
BA-BEBUO1012U Political Economy of European States
BA-BEBUO1013U Corporate Finance
BA-BEBUO1015U Internationalisation beyond Europe and Qualitative Methods
BA-BEBUO1014U Marketing
BA-BEBUO1018U Corporate Strategy in a Network Perspective
BA-BEBUO1019U Europe and Global Megatrends
BA-BEBUO1020U Bachelor Project
BA-BEBUO1022U Macroeconomics and European Economic Integration
BA-BEBUO1023U Financial Accounting
BA-BEBUO1024U Denmark in Comparative Perspective: Political Economy and Theory of Science
BA-BEBUV2003U Internship - 22,5 ECTS
BA-BEBUO1021U Culture in a Global Business Context
BA-BEBUV2015U Internship - 15 ECTS
BA-BFILO1228U Ethnographic Methods and Concept Development
BA-BFILO1293U Bachelor Project
BA-BFILO1300U Micro Economics
BA-BFILO1313U Philosophy of the Present: Human Capital
BA-BFILO1314U The Business in Society
BA-BFILO1318U Management philosophy
BA-BFILO1319U Organization Theory
BA-BFILO1394U Corporate Finance
BA-BFILO1396U Strategy
BA-BFILO1802U Macro Economics
BA-BFILO2210U Political Philosophy
BA-BFILO2220U Ethics