Seniors take the lead


The flower power generation takes over


Seniors are busy getting better at business so the age of the participants in the MBA programs is now reaching 58.

The leaders of tomorrow are not necessarily the young around thirty. A new tendency driven by the financial crisis is that the MBA schools around the country are seeing an increase in participants over the age of 50, trying to improve their value on the leadership market. At Aarhus Business School we see an average age around fifty while the Business Institute in Aalborg has participants around 56 years. The record is set by Edinburgh Business School, which also has a branch in Denmark, with the age of 58. The spread in age is seen by Susan Agerskov, director of the MBA programs at CBS, as an international tendency, which is also detectable in other European MBA programs. She points out that the schools in especially USA and France regard the MBA as the preeminent educational program within leadership. At CBS we see this perception reflected in our Full-time MBA program where the average age is significantly lower than in our other programs.

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 13/05/2009