MBA Elective catalogue is out


The 2010 MBA electives are now available for current and former MBA Students


Seize a unique opportunity to keep your professional competencies updated with Executive electives. CBS Executive offers an opportunity for current participants and members of the CBS MBA Alumni Society to enroll in the Full-time MBA electives. The electives offered in 2010 are:

  • Corporate Governance (7 – 11 June 2010) The course is taught by Professor Steen Thomsen who is a leading researcher within Corporate Governance and the director of Centre of Corporate Governance at CBS.

  • Managing Innovation (21 – 24 June 2010) is taught by innovations scholar and practitioner Claus Varnes. With a 360 degree view of the innovation process and comprehensive industry knowledge, he provides valuable insight into how innovation can be effectively managed.

  • International Business (12 April – 16 April 2010). Today, business is inherently international and extremely complex. But in the hands of Can-Seng Ooi you will get the tools to reduce and manage this complexity in order for you and your company to make the right strategic decisions.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (10 - 14 May 2010) You will be taken through the whole process from start to finish. Following the steps necessary of the M&A on a strategic, tactical and operational level. The course is held by Professor Casper Rose the foremost authority on M&A at CBS.

  • Business Development (17 – 21 May 2010) Focuses on participants that are interested in starting their own business. Professor Eythor Jonsson takes you through all the planning steps you need and introduces 3-4 guest speakers that provide insight into the process from the practitioner’s side.

  • Design Management (20 – 23 April 2010) When leading innovation it is crucial to build design into the process from the outset. Professor Roberto Verganti from Politecnico de Milan has an insight into the field that only a handful of scholars around the world can match.

  • International Negotiations (14 – 18 2010) While managers need analytical skills to discover optimal solutions to problems, a broad array of negotiation skills is needed to get those solutions accepted. In the capable hands of Trexler Profitt from Franklin & Marshall College you will be taken through all the tools and tricks of effective international negotiations.

  • Strategy Dynamics (25 – 28 May 2010) This course deals with the dynamics of business development and strategy making. Traditional approaches typically deal with static analyses to determine market positions associated with high performance in a given industry context or outline organizational structures and practices that have supported high sustainable returns.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (26 – 29 April 2010) One of the most prominent challenges for contemporary organizations is how to handle the quest for corporate social responsibility. With your active participation Kai Hockert and Professor Peter Neergaard will discuss how our understanding of CSR has changed over time and how it is put into practice today as well as how to launch and scale not-for-profit organizations.

Where: Copenhagen Business School, Dalgas Have Campus, Frederiksberg

Deadline: 14 days before course startdate

Price: DKK 7500 per elective

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