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The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies has a call for papers out on on "Art, Artists and Art Worlds in Asia". Deadline for submission is on August 31, 2009.


The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies (CJAS) has a call for papers out now on "Art, Artists and Art Worlds in Asia".

The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies (CJAS) is a leading Scandinavian journal, which focuses on the economic, the political, the managerial and the socio-cultural transformation currently underway in contemporary Asia.

The journal will dedicate its spring 2010 issue to “Art, Artists and Art Worlds in Asia”. The Asian contemporary art markets have become active in the last few years,e.g. contemporary Chinese art works are fetching millions of dollars in the auction houses, there is a proliferation of biennales in the Far East and art communities and districts have sprung up across the region. In this special issue of the Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies, some of the following topics will be discussed:

  1. The social construction of art communities and art districts in different Asian countries

  2. The emergence of contemporary art movements in Asia

  3. The mediation of art appreciation and taste in Asia

  4. The role of government, museums, galleries and auction houses in the development of Asian contemporary art

  5. The reasons behind the recent increased attention on Asian artists in the international art markets

  6. Possibilities and challenges faced by Asian artists in a new art market climate

The journal accepts papers that have specific focuses, for example, the emergence of Songzhuang as an art community; international art promotion and soft power in Japan; competition amongst artists in India; role of the Singapore Art Museum in local art development. Besides being empirically rich, the papers should provide knowledge and lessons through theories and theorizing.

Deadline for submission: 31 August 2009

Expected publication date: May 2010

Information on this journal is available at Please direct further questions on this special issue to the Editor, Can-Seng Ooi (

See the call for papers online here.

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