Propose a real business case that competent students can solve at the Sustainable Innovation Camp 2008


- Information meeting on October 1st from 4-5 PM at CBS


Invitation to companies, public organizations and NGO’s who have interest in proposing a real business challenge to the students.

Information meeting about the new elective course at CBS with a Sustainable Innovation Camp 2008 finale.

On Monday October 1st from 4-5 PM, Dr. Christoph Hienerth/ Copenhagen Business School, Managing Director Christian Vintergaard/Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy and Business Developer Frederikke Kroon/Marketing Consulting Services will present the project to all interested companies, public organizations and NGO’s.

The parties will explain the project ambitions and visions, introduce the Camp process and outputs and furthermore inspire the interested parties on how to specify concrete cases within the Sustainable Innovation theme.


Sign up with Project Manager, Anja D. Nielsen, Marketing Consulting Services: or +45 4033 2595 before September 27th.


For a short introduction, please read this:

Sustainable Innovation Camp 2008 – Propose a real business challenge

– a new innovative platform for idea generation between students, companies, public and NGO’s

A unique opportunity for companies, public organizations and NGO’s to utilize the skills and innovative minds of talented students to get new perspectives and solutions to a concrete business challenge.

During the spring semester 2008 60 innovative students will participate in a new elective course with a 30 hour Sustainable Innovation Camp finale. At the Sustainable Innovation Camp the students will develop new perspectives and creative solutions to real life business cases to a handful of innovative and visionary companies and public.

Sustainable Innovation Camp focuses on the importance of thinking sustainability and responsibility into innovation and business development to benefit companies, employees and society at large. Sustainable business development can prove to contain extraordinary business potential, and thus cannot be neglected for economic reasons.

Sustainable Innovation Camp 2008 and the new elective course is the fruit of an innovative collaboration between Copenhagen Business School, Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy and Marketing Consulting Services.

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