7th ITEPE Conference: The Law of Political Economy

Transformations in the Functions of Law

Torsdag, 15 juni, 2017 - 08:45 to Fredag, 16 juni, 2017 - 16:00

7th ITEPE Conference
The Law of Political Economy
Transformations in the Functions of Law


Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy
Copenhagen Business School
Kilen, Kilevej 14, 2000 Frederiksberg. Room Ks.71


Theme and Purpose:
The centrality of law for the study of political economy was widely recognised at the time of the emergence of the political economy discipline in the 18th century as well as throughout the 19th century. From the outset
law was considered an essential component of political economy studies because social phenomena such as capital, labour and power gain their form and basic characteristics from their status as legal institutions.
Since then the economic discipline has however increasingly detached itself from neighbouring disciplines leaving political economy to economic sociology and political science at the same time as these disciplines
increasingly has underplayed the centrality of law in relation to their assessment of political economy institutions.

On this background, the conference aims in general terms to reinvigorate the focus on law and reassessing the role of law in political economy contexts. More specifically it aims to increase our theoretical
understanding of the function law fulfils between economy and politics and to historically assess the evolution of law and legal thinking in relation to the issue of how law contributes to the stabilisation of
economic and political processes at the local, national and transnational level of world society.

The conference is sponsored by the European Research Council within the framework of the project ‘Institutional Transformation in European Political Economy – A Socio-Legal Approach’ (ITEPE) and is the
7th conference within the ITEPE conference series. Abstracts are available at www.itepe.eu.

Organiser: Professor MSO Poul F. Kjaer, Copenhagen Business School.

Registration: Mette Grue Nielsen: mgn.dbp@cbs.dk before Friday 9th June 2017

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