Renowned Scholars Seminar Series with Professor Robert D. Galliers from Bentley University, USA

Seminar at Department of IT Management, under the title Back to the future: A 50 year reflection on Information Systems Strategizing

Fredag, 7 februar, 2014 - 10:00 to 12:00


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Back to the future: A 50 year reflection on Information Systems Strategizing

Seminar with Professor Robert D. Galliers, Bentley University, USA

Using a structured methodology, we reviewed over 9,000 articles concerned with IS strategy over a period of approximately 50 years (1962 – end 2010).  We examined and coded a relevant subset of over 1,000 articles that deal directly with IS strategizing. We consider IS strategizing, not from either a content or process perspective but in holistic terms – as a duality. Our work makes a number of contributions. First, we offer a critique of recent literature reviews based on the tenets of strategizing-as-organizing and provide a comprehensive ‘map’ of the literature with IS strategizing at its heart. Second, we identify the very earliest articles that formed the basis for our developing understanding of the issues associated with the planning of IS, and trace the trajectory over time. Third, we identify the most highly cited articles concerned with the core of IS strategizing and related, ‘foundation’ topic areas.  Fourth, we consider the various frameworks that have appeared in the literature and provide a synthesis, based on this review and on the strategizing-as-organizing principles for which we argue. Fifth, we offer a basis for a potential future research agenda in IS strategizing.

Further information about this and other seminars in the series is available here.

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Organised by CBS, Department of IT Management
Date 7 February, 2014
Time 10:00 - 12:00
Location How. 60, 4th floor


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