New seminar from the Digital Transformation Platform - Come join us!

Come join us for the next seminar hosted by the Digital Transformation Platform on Wednesday the 21 of October. Sign up below and broaden your knowledge on the practices of the Digital Ecosystem


In the coming seminar with the Digital Transformation Platform, the panel will be discussing the practices of the digital ecosystem. The workshop will explore the role that data has in funtioning ecosystems, data practices for value creation and capture as well as its policy implications. To do this the panel will be discussing the following issues: 

  • How do data work, really? How is data created and used? How does data create value?
  • Open vs. closed data: implcaition for economic value and societable values
  • Data practices in the Digital Economy; what's good, what's bad and why exactly?
  • Proposed regulatory interventions range from curbing data collection to mandating data access. Do these make sense and on what basis? Economic value, competition and innovation. 

The invited expert will each give their short interventions and this will then be commented on by the discussants. So please join us in the workshop and follow the discussion and different view points.




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