Ready to hand in?

Are your references and in-text citations in order? Is your reference list a mess? Confused about what style to use? We are ready to help answer your questions. And we have a little contest.


When you write large assignments you use a lot of sources. They have to be part of the references and in-text citations. If you have doubts or questions in this regard, librarians at CBS are ready to help.

We can help you...

  • if you have trouble with your in-text citations
  • if your bibliography is a mess
  • if you are confused about what style to use
  • if your reference management software acts up
  • if you have any questions regarding referencing


Stop by our desk outside CBS Library on the following days:

Date Time
Monday 24 April 13-16
Tuesday 25 April 12-15
Thursday 27 April 10-13
Monday 1 May 9-12
Thursday 4 May 12-15


A little reference contest

We have handed out some postcards with a little "Find the 5 differences" contest. Participate by filling it out and get a chance to wind a gift :-)

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