New campaign focuses on the good study start


“PERFEAR. When the fear of not being perfect overwhelms you”. A campaign is launched to help new students get off to a good start at CBS.


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The feeling of being lonely in the middle of all the festivities. Or more or less unintentionally overstepping one’s own or someone else’s boundaries - and not realising it before it is too late. 

A new campaign is going to address some of the situations that can be challenging for many students, but some of which they may keep to themselves. Rie Snekkerup, Head of the Programme Administration, says about the campaign:

”We know that students often have an amazing time during the study start period. But some days can be more challenging than others. A lot of things are going on in very little time. They are getting to know new people and learning how to be a university student. This can cause insecurity and lead to situations they could have done without. We wish to address this insecurity and create a context for talking about it to hopefully preempt some of these difficult situations”.

”BELONE” – When you can’t decide if you belong or feel alone
The aim of the campaign is to describe the balancing act between having fun and suddenly finding yourself in an unpleasant situation, e.g. “Belone”, which addresses the feeling of not knowing whether you belong or not. The Danish communications agency Advice is behind the campaign.

Other examples are “GRABCING” – When a fun dance turns into unpleasant grabbing. And ”DRINXPLAIN”  When you need to explain your embarrassing behaviour after one drink too many. The concepts are followed up by the invitation to boost the good student life: Enjoy campus life.

”Today's youth culture is somewhat challenged by excessive perfectionism, a massive alcohol consumption, a competitive mentality, stress and discontent. CBS’ high entry requirements may aggravate these challenges.  We consider it a general tendency at the other universities in Denmark”, Rie Snekkerup says. She continues:

”You should not have to eat yeast on an intro camp or become dead drunk to be part of the CBS community, there should be room for everybody – in the classroom and on campus in general. These are some of the things we wish to say with this campaign”.

In addition to the campaign, CBS has also initiated other measures: 

”CBS takes joint responsibility by helping to address some of the challenges. We have taken various initiatives, for instance by introducing a grade-free first year in the BSc in Business Administration and Psychology, we have implemented rules of conduct for intro camps, and now we are kicking off this campaign”, says Rie Snekkerup.

Get help
The aim of the campaign is to boost dialogue between the students, but there are more offers for students who may need it. 

Offensive behaviour
If a student is exposed to offensive behaviour, they can contact CBS’ Student Guidance Service. Specially trained staff are ready to offer support and guidance. This offer is available whether a student wishes to report the offender or not. They can also contact the student guidance counsellors anonymously.
Contact Student Guidance Service (CBS’ student intranet)

Partying and alcohol
CBS has rules for ethical behaviour during orientation, which imply that no one is allowed to drink hard liquor, and that beer relays and other games that encourage alcohol consumption are not allowed. CBS would like to know if you experience any violation of the rules.
Reach the Student Guidance Service 
Rules for ethical behaviour during intro courses (PDF)

On CBS’ Student Life website, new students can find a mentor. Mentors have been appointed by CBS and are ready to help you.
Visit CBS Student Life

Campus pastors
A number of campus pastors are affiliated with CBS. They offer free talks to students about every aspect of life and they are not preaching any kind of gospel. The pastors are under the duty of confidentiality, and they can be contacted anonymously.
Contact the campus pastors

For more information about the campaign, please contact:
Rie Snekkerup, Head of the Programme Administration

Follow the campaign on campus and on social media:


Sidst opdateret: Communications // 22/08/2018