Marketing Capabilities of Successful Business-to-Business Firms

Inaugural lecture with Thomas Ritter, Research Professor at the Department of Marketing

Onsdag, 26 januar, 2005 - 15:30 to 17:30

Copenhagen Business School has appointed Dr.rer.pol. Thomas Ritter Research Professor at the Department of Marketing with special focus on Business Relationships and Industrial Networks.

The Department of Marketing will be hosting an inaugural lecture and reception.


15:30–15:45 Welcome

By Finn Junge Jensen, President, Ole Stenvinkel Nilsson, Dean, and Ricky Wilke, Head of Department

15:45–16:45 Inaugural Lecture

“Marketing Capabilities of Successful Business-to-Business Firms”

By Thomas Ritter, Professor


(In the lobby outside the Novo Nordisk Lecture Hall)


By Monday 17 January to Tina J. Hindsbo,

or +45 38152145

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