Department of Organization

Department of Organization pursues a problem-oriented, business-in-society approach to understanding organizations and organizational phenomena at all levels. Our research and teaching focus upon organizing processes and their outcomes from an interdisciplinary social-scientific perspective.


New co-authored publication in the journal Public Administration: The gradual corporatization of transport infrastructure: The Danish case
lene tolstrup
New co-authored publication in the journal Asia Pacific Business Review: The rise of China and contestation in global tax governance
rasmus corlin
New co-authored publication in Journal European Management Review: Renewing Creative Work for Business Innovation: Architectural Practice in the Trading Zone
silviya 2022
Ditte Thøgersen has succesfully defended her PhD thesis: Managing Public Innovation on the Frontline
ditte thogersen
New Co-Authored Publication in the Journal Academy of Management Annals: Bureaucracy for the 21st Century: Clarifying and Expanding Our View of Bureaucratic Organization
New co-authored Publication: Practices of creative leadership: A qualitative meta-analysis in haute cuisine
New Publication: COVID-19 and the Flexibility of the Bureaucratic Ethos (Part of the Organizational Behaviour in Healthcare book series (OBHC))
kirstine and paul
New Co-authored Publication: Transforming Engineering Systems - Learnings from Organising Megaprojects
New Publication: Effective horizon management in transnational administration: Bespoke and box-ticking consultancies in anti-money laundering
Professor WSR Duncan Wigan and Professor Leonard Seabrooke have a new Publication: Legal affordances in global wealth chains: How platform firms use legal and spatial scaling
duncan and len
Fyraftens-seminar i anledning af Ledelsesugen: Ledelse mellem hensyn og dilemmaer
ledelsesugen 2021
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