Department of Organization

Department of Organization pursues a problem-oriented, business-in-society approach to understanding organizations and organizational phenomena at all levels. Our research and teaching focus upon organizing processes and their outcomes from an interdisciplinary social-scientific perspective.


Major Grant from The Velux Foundation’s humanities programme to several projects, including: Turning Theory into Action (TITAN): Undesirable Consequences of Implementing Organization and Management Theory
eva and renate
Co-authored publication on the changes firms undertake to shift to more-exploratory strategies
jane vedel
Conference on Success in Mega Projects – Learn and rethink with experienced practitioners and academics
joana 2
Associate Professor Sofia Pemsel co-authoring a new publication in Tensions and Paradoxes in Temporary Organizing
Assistant Professor Iben Stjerne and Associate Professor Joana Geraldi in a co-authored publication in Tensions and Paradoxes in Temporary Organizing
iben and joana
New co-authored Special Issue published in Leadership – Challenges and advantages of studying leadership in interaction
New publication in Oxford University Press: Pick the Winner, so You can then Choose the Reasons
kristian kreiner
New analysis in the journal Nature reveals a clearer picture of the changing geography of clean energy value chains over time
New co-authored article: Corporate scramble for Africa? Towards a postcolonial framework for transglocal development governance
Stine 2
Co-authored article on Economics and Climate Emergency: In search of a political economy of the post-growth era
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Department of Organization
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