Contract law and economics in the next hundred years

Conference with Nobel laureate Oliver Hart and John Bates Clark medalist Matthew Rabin

Tirsdag, 6 juni, 2017 - 08:45 to 17:00


Copenhagen Business School 6 June, 2017


In celebration of CBS’ 100th birthday, world leading scholars in economics and law and economics, including a Nobel laureate and John Bates Clark medalist, and a thought-leader from the business community, conjoin to discuss foundational issues of contract theory and contract law. 

A central theme of the conference is the role of fairness and good faith in contracts and in contract law. In recent years, progress in the incorporation of psychological factors into economic theory, and in the use of experimental methods, has led to new understandings of this role. Several of the participants at the conference have been instrumental in creating this theoretical breakthrough that will no doubt impact the next hundred years of contract law and economics. Bringing them together, and including also a practitioner acquainted with the role of relational contracting in modern contract management, offers a unique opportunity for the further development of contract theory bridging fairness and efficiency, as well as legal and economic perspectives. 


We are delighted to welcome our distinguished speakers to CBS:

Tim Cummins, CEO of IACCM: On relational contracting in practice.

Bruno Deffains, Professor of Economics at the University Paris 2: On good faith in contract law.

Tore Ellingsen, Professor of economics at Stockholm School of Economics: On situations, values, and norms.

Oliver Hart, Professor of Economics at Harvard University: On ongoing contracts and contracts as reference points.

Bentley Macleod, Professor of Economics and Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University: On good faith in relational contracting.

Matthew Rabin, Professor of Behavioral Economics at Harvard Business School: On Expectations and the Psychology of Contracts.

Klaus Schmidt, Professor of Economics at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München: On reference points and renegotiation of contracts.

Each speaker will present for 25 minutes; a discussant will then take 10 minutes, followed by a general discussion of 15 minutes.

See the full conference programme (PDF) (subject to updates!)

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Date 6 June 2017

Time 8:50 - 17:15

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