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Christoph Grimpe er Professor i Innovation og Iværksætteri ved Institut for Strategi og Innovation på CBS. Før han kom til CBS i 2010, arbejdede han som seniorforsker ved ZEW Center for European Economic Research i Mannheim (Tyskland). Han har en ph.d. i ledelse fra WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management - i Vallendar (Tyskland) og en kandidatgrad i ledelse og politisk videnskab. Hans forskning drejer sig om virksomheders innovationsstrategier, industri-forskningsforbindelser og den strategiske brug af intellektuel ejendomsret. Han har offentliggjort i tidsskrifter som Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies og Research Policy. Han er tilknyttet DRUID - den danske forskningsenhed for industriel dynamik og ZEW Center for European Economic Research. Desuden er han chefredaktør for tidsskriftet Industry og Innovation.

Primære forskningsområder
- Virksomhedsstrategi og innovation
- Åbne og distribuerede innovationsprocesser
- Industri-forsknings interaktion
- Appropriability strategier
- Internationalisering af innovationsstyring


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Udvalgte publikationer
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Publikationer sorteret efter:
Wolfgang Sofka; Christoph Grimpe; Ulrich Kaiser / Understanding the Unwritten Rules of the Game : Government Work Experience and Salary Premiums in Foreign MNC Subsidiaries.
I: Journal of International Business Studies, 6.4.2021
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Martin Murmann; Christoph Grimpe; Nathan Rietzler / Digitalization in Startups and the Proclivity to Professionalize : Ignorance is Bliss?.
I: Proceedings of the Eightieth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. red. /Guclu Atinc. Briarcliff Manor, NY : Academy of Management 2020 (Academy of Management Proceedings)
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Rene Belderbos; Christoph Grimpe / Learning in Foreign and Domestic Value Chains : The Role of Opportunities and Capabilities.
Leuven : Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 2020, 41 s. (Working Papers of Department of Management, Strategy and Innovation (MSI), Nr. MSI_2004)
Working paper
Rene Belderbos; Christoph Grimpe / Learning in Foreign and Domestic Value Chains : The Role of Opportunities and Capabilities.
I: Industrial and Corporate Change, 30.11.2020
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Susanne Beck; Carsten Bergenholtz; Marcel Bogers; Tiare Brasseur; Maria Louise Conradsen; Diletta Di Marco; Andreas Philipp Distel; Leonhard Dobusch; Daniel Dörler; Agnes Effert; Benedikt Fecher; Despoina Filiou; Lars Frederiksen; Thomas Gillier; Christoph Grimpe; Marc Gruber; Carolin Haeussler; Florian Heigl; Karin Hoisl; Katie Hyslop; Olga Kokshagina; Marcel LaFlamme; Cornelia Lawson; Hila Lifshitz-Assaf; Wolfgang Lukas; Markus Nordberg; Maria-Theresa Norn; Marion Poetz; Marisa Ponti; Gernot Pruschak; Laia Pujol Priego; Agnieszka Radziwon; Janet Frances Rafner; Gergana Petrova Romanova; Alexander Ruser; Henry Sauermann; Sonali K. Shah; Jacob Friis Sherson; Julia Suess-Reyes; Christopher L. Tucci; Philipp Tuertscher; Jane Bjørn Vedel; Theresa Velden; Roberto Verganti; Jonathan Wareham; Andrea Wiggins; Sunny Mosangzi Xu / The Open Innovation in Science Research Field : A Collaborative Conceptualisation Approach.
I: Industry and Innovation, 4.8.2020
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Knut Jørgen Egelie; Haakon Thue Lie; Christoph Grimpe; Roger Sørheim / Access and Openness in Biotechnology Research Collaborations between Universities and Industry
I: Nature Biotechnology, Vol. 37, Nr. 12, 12.2019, s. 1413–1419
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Christoph Grimpe; Katrin Hussinger; Wolfgang Sofka / Firm Acquisitions, Resource Complementarity and the Access to Localized Knowledge
Paper presented at DRUID19 Conference, 2019
Paper > peer review
Christoph Grimpe; Wolfgang Sofka; Philipp Schulz; Geoffrey Thilo Borchhardt / Markets for Technology in Europe : Mapping Demand and its Drivers.
Mannheim : ZEW 2019, 41 s. (ZEW Discussion Papers, Nr. 19-043)
Working paper
Andreas Philipp Distel; Christoph Grimpe; Sven Körner; Mathias Landhäuser; Marion Poetz / Measuring Impact of Open Innovation in Science Research : Exploring the Potentials of Artificial Intelligence-based Text Analysis.
Abstract from Open Innovation in Science (OIS) Research Workshop 2019, 2019, s. 4
Konferenceabstrakt til konference
Christoph Grimpe; Martin Murmann; Wolfgang Sofka / Organizational Design Choices of High-tech Startups : How Middle Management Drives Innovation Performance.
I: Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol. 13, Nr. 3, 9.2019, s. 359-378
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
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