Institut for Regnskab


Presentation and academic fields
I am an associate partner in EY and have been an auditor for more than 20 years. I am
part of EY Professional Practice Group with audit and quality as my focus areas. I have
worked on a very broad range of clients, from small clients to large clients, from NGO to
public clients to listed clients and within a large range of industries.
Professional and/or academic experience
I facilitate state authorized public accountant, e.g. upcoming, within EY in the areas
auditors’ report and auditing
Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision
I have a broad knowledge and experience within the field of audit and audit related
regulation. More specifically I supervise in the topics like:
 ISA – upcoming and effect from changes to standards
 Specific audit topics as materiality, fraud etc.
 Digital Audit, e.g. block chain from an auditors’ perspective
 Auditors’ behaviours and expectation gaps
 ISQM and quality
 Audit Quality Indicators
 Anti-money laundry