Institut for Regnskab

Kasper Strømme

Presentation and academic fields
As an external teacher with Department of Accounting teaching in management accounting (økonomistyring), my key competences are among others my ability to communicate to students how the theory is applied in practice in a corporate business environment. 
In my full-time profession I work with management accounting almost every day implementing ERP and BI systems to support finance and accounting analytics and digitalization of work processes.  
Professional and/or academic experience
I am educated at CBS in the following areas: BSc in Economics (HA-Almen), BSc in Accounting (HD-R) and cand. merc. in International Business Studies (IBS).
I have been an external teacher at CBS for several years teaching in management accounting at BSc / HA level.
Professionally I work with private enterprises implementing ERP and BI software systems, digitalization of the finance and accounting function, designing automated reporting, finance data analytics, etc.
Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

My pedagogical success is among others built on me mastering a teaching method that combine different medias. E.g., during the class making combined use of physical whiteboard, PowerPoint presentation and live calculations in Excel.

Currently not working as a supervisor.