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  • Management control systems
  • Interfirm relationships
  • Regulations and compliance 
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  • PhD student supervision
  • PhD course Inter-Organizational Control 
Udvalgte publikationer
  • Zeng, W., A M. Lillis, J. Grafton & H.C. Dekker. (2022). The influence of institutional differences on control mechanisms in alliances. The Accounting Review, 97(3): 415-441.
  • Abernethy, M., H.C. Dekker, & J. Grafton. (2021). The influence of performance measurement on the processual dynamics of strategic change. Management Science, 67(1): 640-659.
  • Anderson, S.W, Dekker, H.C., Sedatole, K.L. & E. Wiersma. (2020). When one size does not fit all: Using ex post subjective ratings to provide parity in risk-adjusted compensation. Management Accounting Research, 49. [Awarded the 2020 David Solomons Prize]
  • Dekker, H.C., Mooi, E. & A. Visser. (2020). Firm enablement through outsourcing: A longitudinal analysis of how outsourcing enables process improvement under financial and competence constraints. Industrial Marketing Management, 90: 124-132.
  • Duplat, V., Klijn, E., Reuer, J & H. Dekker. (2020). Renegotiation of joint venture contracts: The influence of alternative governance mechanisms. Long Range Planning 53(2): 1-19.
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Thijs Broekhuizen; Henri Dekker; Pedro de Faria; Sebastian Firk; Dinh Khoi Nguyen; Wolfgang Sofka / AI for Managing Open Innovation : Opportunities, Challenges, and a Research Agenda.
I: Journal of Business Research, Vol. 167, 11.2023
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Dieter Smeulders; Henri Dekker; Alexandra Van den Abbeele / Post-acquisition Integration : Managing Cultural Differences and Employee Resistance using Integration Controls.
I: Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol. 107, 5.2023
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Wei Zeng; Anne M. Lillis; Jennifer Grafton; Henri Dekker / The Influence of Institutional Differences on Control Mechanisms in Alliances
I: Accounting Review, Vol. 97, Nr. 3, 5.2022, s. 415-441
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Henri Dekker; Melanie L. Feldhues; Nikolay Ivanov Georgiev / Working Apart Together : How Perfomance Information supports Forced Working From Home after the COVID-19 Disruption.
Paper presented at The 44th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association. 2022, 2022, s. 53
Paper > peer review
Margaret A. Abernethy; Henri Dekker; Jennifer Grafton / The Influence of Performance Measurement on the Processual Dynamics of Strategic Change
I: Management Science, Vol. 67, Nr. 1, 1.2021, s. 640-659
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Henri Dekker; Melanie L. Feldhues; Nikolay Ivanov Georgiev / Working Apart Together : How Management Information Supports Forced Working from Home after the COVID-19 Disruption.
: International Centre for Economic Analysis (ICEA) 2021, 51 s.
Working paper
Henri C. Dekker; Erik Mooi; Alexandra Visser / Firm Enablement through Outsourcing : A Longitudinal Analysis of how Outsourcing Enables Process Improvement under Financial and Competence Constraints.
I: Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 90, 10.2020, s. 124-132
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Juan P. Mendoza; Henri C. Dekker; Jacco L. Wielhouwer / Industry Self‑regulation Under Government Intervention
I: Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Vol. 36, Nr. 1, 3.2020, s. 183–205
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Valérie Duplat; Elko Klijn; Jeffrey Reuer; Henri Dekker / Renegotiation of Joint Venture Contracts : The Influence of Boards of Directors and Prior Ties as Alternative Governance Mechanisms.
I: Long Range Planning, Vol. 53, Nr. 2, 4.2020
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Shannon W. Anderson; Henri C. Dekker; Karen L. Sedatole; Eelke Wiersma / When One Size Does Not Fit All : Using Ex Post Subjective Ratings to Provide Parity in Risk-adjusted Compensation.
I: Management Accounting Research, Vol. 49, 12.2020
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
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