Pricing project presented at VL Døgnet

VL Døgnet - Back to School


Once a year the Danish Management Society (VL) brings together Denmark’s top leaders and managers for a networking summit. In June 2017, the VL Døgnet was hosted by Copenhagen Business School with the theme “Back to school”. As part of the program, a selected number of industrial PhD students presented their research to the VL members. Martin Jarmatz, an industrial PhD fellow from the Department of Operations Management, also had the opportunity to discuss his work on pricing management. In particular, his research focuses on investigating how companies can better organize its pricing, to ultimately help improving pricing decisions. For this purpose, he partnered with the GN Group, a global provider of communication and hearing devices based in Copenhagen. After the summit, Martin reflected that it was “a very enriching experience to exchange thoughts with top business people and to see that pricing research is perceived as highly relevant across industries”. Overall, it was concluded that the VL summit at CBS was an inspiring event, further fostering the dialogue between academia and industry. For further information about, please contact Martin Jarmatz: or Head of Department Carsten Ørts Hansen:

Sidst opdateret: Department of Operations Management // 15/06/2017