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Pernille Slots

Kontor: KIL/14.A-3.48
I am interested in the interplay between structure and agent; in particular how actors create meaning, reproduce and negotiate identity in an organizational context and how these processes interact with discourses of power in the particular organization and the society in general. I am interested in the interrelation between identity, diversity and management of diversity. 
I combine critical diversity theory with symbol- and social anthropology researching how such categories as “gender”, “talent” and “top-management” are narrated and given meaning via symbols, rituals and social practice. My methodological approach is to conduct an experimental fieldwork using critical ethnography as a tool for introducing context and to disturb the discursive field in a given organisation. 
I am interested in developing strategies and solutions for change on base of the particular context within the organization giving attention to paradoxes, complexities and dilemmas; the culture, power structures and dynamics existing in the particular organization or industry.
Primære forskningsområder
Diversity management, diversity policy and methods for change management 
Power structures in high-performance and elite cultures
Mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion
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