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I am a political economist whose current research focuses on green transition economic planning and national ‘net zero’ strategy implementation. In this work and more generally, I am particularly interested in transformations in the role of the state and government bureaucracy, and their relation to developments in the global economy. I am trained in both qualitative and statistical approaches, and as a problem-led researcher, I draw on the methodological tools that are deemed most suitable to the question at hand, usually developing mixed method designs with a strong qualitative element that recognize the inherent complexity in causal dynamics.

At CBS, I am a post-doctoral researcher on the Financial Transparency package of the ADD (Algorithms, Data and Democracy) project led by Professor Len Seabrooke. Within this, I explore the role of climate modelling and econometric algorithms in green transition planning.

Primære forskningsområder

· International Political Economy

· Green transitions

· Economic policy

· Governance

· Public sector organizations

· State capacity

· Consultancies

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Rasmus Corlin Christensen; Rosie Collington / New Development : Climate Consulting and the Transformation of Climate Governance.
I: Public Money and Management, 21.5.2024
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