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Research Meets Practice: Innovation and market creation in and around virtual worlds

Fredag, 11 maj, 2012 - 09:00 to 17:00

Research Meets Practice: Innovation and market creation in and around virtual worlds

The seminar will include lectures by Henry Lowood (Stanford University), Robin Teigland (Stockholm School of Economics), Isto Huvila (Uppsala University) and Ursula Plesner (Copenhagen Business School), as well as presentations from practitioners from Denmark, Italy and England. Food and drinks will be served at the seminar, and the event will conclude with refreshments and networking after 5 pm.

Selling and marketing virtual worlds has never been a problem when it comes to games and social media. Virtual spaces such as World of Warcraft, Second Life and Everquest have gained tremendous success and users willingly pay monthly rates in order to explore the potentials held by these worlds. However, when it comes to virtual worlds as platforms for professional communication, the task of selling and successfully innovating seems a lot tougher. It is not only the task of selling the product that poses a challenge; establishing the very idea of bridging 3-dimensional avatar-based interaction with professional communication seems to be a significant hurdle. The main challenge is that users tend to associate virtual worlds with entertainment and social media, which often leads to an inconvenient trade-off between potential, purpose and price.

Addressing these issues will be the main task of the research seminar: How do entrepreneurs overcome the challenge of innovating and creating markets in the field of virtual worlds, also in industries other than entertainment? How do entrepreneurs work with creating future users? What do advantageous innovation and marketing strategies look like in relation to new uses of virtual worlds, and how are they operationalized?

The Seminar is Hosted by Associate Professor Ursula Plesner, Department of Organization (IOA) and made possible by The Danish Strategic Research Council, KINO committee

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