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Peter Ping

Kontor: POR/24.A-3.61

My primary research focus is on reexamining the extant Western theories from the cultural and historical frames of China and East Asia, especially applying the Chinese philosophy of wisdom to the development of holistic, dynamic and duality theories. I have been widely recognized as one of the leading scholars in two fast emerging research streams: (1) multinational firms from the emerging economies, and (2) indigenous research on the Chinese management. He has published over 30 articles in various academic journals. He is serving on the editorial boards of five major management journals, and also Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Trust Research


Primære forskningsområder

Emerging Multinational Firms

Indigenous Research on Chinese Management

Organizational & Inter-cultural Trust

Disruptive Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Entrepreneurial Imagination

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Inter-cultural Trust and Trust-building
Alliance Management
Multinational Innovation


Ph.D. Supervision
Master Thesis Supervision

Udvalgte publikationer

Disruptive Innovation in Chinese and Indian Businesses: The Strategic Implications for Local Entrepreneurs and Global Incumbents (edited book, February 2013, Routledge)

Toward an Integrative Framework of Indigenous Research: The Geocentric Implications of Yin-Yang Balance. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 29 (4): 849-872, 2012.

Exploring the Unique Roles of Trust and Play in Private Creativity: From the Complexity-Ambiguity-Metaphor Link to the Trust-Play-Creativity Link. Journal of Trust Research, 2 (1): 71-97, 2012.

Toward a Learning-based View of Internationalization: The Accelerated Trajectories of Cross-Border Learning. Journal of International Management (Special issue: 50 Years of IB Research), 16 (1): 43-59, 2010.

Learning Trajectory in Offshore OEM Cooperation: The Transaction Value for Local Suppliers in the Emerging Economies. Journal of Operations Management, 28 (3): 269-282, 2010.

Publikationer sorteret efter:
Peter Ping Li; Shameen Prashantham; Abby Jingzi Zhou; Steven Shijin Zhou / Compositional Springboarding and EMNE Evolution
I: Journal of International Business Studies, 21.1.2021
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Michael A. Witt; Peter Ping Li; Liisa Välikangas; Arie Y. Lewin / De-globalization and Decoupling : Game Changing Consequences?.
I: Management and Organization Review, Vol. 17, Nr. 1, 2.2021, s. 6-15
Kommentar/debat > peer review
Peter Ping Li; Arie Y. Lewin; Michael A. Witt; Liisa Välikangas / De-globalization and Decoupling : A Luck of the Draw for India?.
I: Management and Organization Review, Vol. 17, Nr. 2, 5.2021, s. 389-393
Kommentar/debat > peer review
Peter Ping Li / The Meta-perspective of Yin-Yang Balancing : Salient Implications for Organizational Management.
I: Interdisciplinary Dialogues on Organizational Paradox: Learning from Belief and Science, Part A. red. /Rebecca Bednarek; Miguel Pina e Cunha; Jonathan Schad; Wendy K. Smith. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing 2021, s. 51-73 (Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Vol. 73 A)
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Peter Ping Li / Organizational Resilience for a New Normal : Balancing the Paradox of Global Interdependence.
I: Management and Organization Review, Vol. 16, Nr. 3, 7.2020, s. 503-509
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Miguel Pina e Cunha; David Zoogah; Geoffrey Wood; Peter Ping Li / Paradoxes Of Knowledge, Management and Knowledge Management in Africa : An Editorial Introduction.
I: Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 24, Nr. 1, 2020, s. 1-7
Shihao Zhou; Peter Ping Li; Monsol Zhengyin Yang / Realizing Stretch Goals via Exploratory Bricolage : The Case of Chinese Entrepreneurial Firms.
I: China's Quest for Innovation: Institutions and Ecosystems. . red. /Shuanping Dai; Markus Taube. Abingdon : Routledge 2020, s. 216-234 (Routledge Contemporary China Series)
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Peter Ping Li; Liisa Välikangas / Resilience, Resilience, Resilience
I: Management and Organization Review, Vol. 16, Nr. 2, 2020, 3 s., s. 225-227
Peter P. Li; Peter S. Hofman; Michele Geraci / The Belt and Road Initiative for an Intercontinental Ecosystem : Strategic Implications for Multinational Enterprises around the World.
I: Thunderbird International Business Review, Vol. 62, Nr. 3, 5.2020, s. 239-248
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Steven Shijin Zhou; Peter Ping Li; Abby Jingzi Zhou; Shameen Prashantham / The Cultural Roots of Compositional Capability in China : Balanced Moderation.
I: Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Vol. 37, Nr. 4, 12.2020, s. 1217-1237
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
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