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Peter Ping

Room: POR/24-3.57

My primary research focus is on reexamining the extant Western theories from the cultural and historical frames of China and East Asia, especially applying the Chinese philosophy of wisdom to the development of holistic, dynamic and duality theories. I have been widely recognized as one of the leading scholars in two fast emerging research streams: (1) multinational firms from the emerging economies, and (2) indigenous research on the Chinese management. He has published over 30 articles in various academic journals. He is serving on the editorial boards of five major management journals, and also Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Trust Research


Primary research areas

Emerging Multinational Firms

Indigenous Research on Chinese Management

Organizational & Inter-cultural Trust

Disruptive Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Entrepreneurial Imagination

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Inter-cultural Trust and Trust-building
Alliance Management
Multinational Innovation


Ph.D. Supervision
Master Thesis Supervision

Selected publications

Disruptive Innovation in Chinese and Indian Businesses: The Strategic Implications for Local Entrepreneurs and Global Incumbents (edited book, February 2013, Routledge)

Toward an Integrative Framework of Indigenous Research: The Geocentric Implications of Yin-Yang Balance. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 29 (4): 849-872, 2012.

Exploring the Unique Roles of Trust and Play in Private Creativity: From the Complexity-Ambiguity-Metaphor Link to the Trust-Play-Creativity Link. Journal of Trust Research, 2 (1): 71-97, 2012.

Toward a Learning-based View of Internationalization: The Accelerated Trajectories of Cross-Border Learning. Journal of International Management (Special issue: 50 Years of IB Research), 16 (1): 43-59, 2010.

Learning Trajectory in Offshore OEM Cooperation: The Transaction Value for Local Suppliers in the Emerging Economies. Journal of Operations Management, 28 (3): 269-282, 2010.

Publications sorted by:
Peter Ping Li; En Xie / The Unique Research on the Informal Ties and Social Networks in East Asia : Diverse Perspectives and New Research Agenda.
In: Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Vol. 36, No. 2, 2019, 15 p., p. 305–319
Editorial > peer review
Peter Ping Li / The Deep-level Substance of the Belt and Road Initiative
In: China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Changing the Rules of Globalization. . ed. /Wenxian Zhang; Ilan Alon; Christoph Lattemann. Cham : Palgrave Macmillan 2018, p. vii-x (Palgrave Studies of Internationalization in Emerging Markets)
Peter Ping Li / The Epistemology of Yin-Yang Balancing as the Root of Chinese Cultural Traditions : The Indigenous Features and Geocentric Implications.
In: The Psychological and Cultural Foundations of East Asian Cognition: Contradiction, Change, and Holism. . ed. /Julie Spencer-Rodgers; Kaiping Peng. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2018, p. 35-79
Book chapter > peer review
Li Lin; Peter Ping Li; Hein Roelfsema / The Traditional Chinese Philosophies in Inter-cultural Leadership : The Case of Chinese Expatriate Managers in the Dutch Context.
In: Cross Cultural and Strategic Management, Vol. 25, No. 2, 2018, p. 299-336
Journal article > peer review
Wang Xin; Peter Ping Li / 东西融合之悟性思维 : 伊隆.马斯克的隐喻谜团.
In: Foreign Economics & Management, Vol. 40, No. 1, 2018, p. 124-140
Journal article > peer review
Peter Ping Li; Yang Zhengyin; Chen Chunhua / 管理学术研究的“知行合一”之道 : 融合德鲁克与 马奇的独特之路.
In: Foreign Economics & Management, Vol. 40, No. 12, 2018, p. 28-45
Journal article > peer review
Yuan Li; Peter Ping Li; Haifeng Wang; Yucheng Ma / How do Resource Structuring and Strategic Flexibility Interact to Shape Radical Innovation?
In: Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 34, No. 4, 1.7.2017, p. 471-491
Journal article > peer review
Peter Ping Li; Monsol Young / How to Approach the Ancient Chinese Wisdom? : A Commentary Concerning Sun Tzu's The Art of War.
In: Management and Organization Review, Vol. 13, No. 4, 12.2017, p. 913-920
Comment/debate > peer review
Peter Ping Li / The Time for Transition : Future Trust Research.
In: Journal of Trust Research, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2017, p. 1-14
Editorial > peer review
Minna Jukka; Kirsimarja Blomqvist; Peter Ping Li; Chunmei Gan / Trust-distrust Balance : Trust Ambivalence in Sino-Western B2B Relationships.
In: Cross Cultural and Strategic Management, Vol. 24, No. 3, 2017, p. 482-507
Journal article > peer review
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