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Ece Gursoy

Şefika Ece Gürsoy joined the Department of Management, Politics, and Philosophy (MPP) as an Industrial PhD Fellow in 2021. She holds an MSc in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), as well as a double major of BAs in Business Administration and International Relations from Koç University (KU). Plus, she is a classically-trained pianist with an Assoc. degree from London College of Music - The University of West London.  

She received funding from Innovationsfonden (Innovation Fund Denmark) to conduct her PhD project. Prior to the project, she worked at Danske Bank’s digital banking area, as well as made a Master’s thesis case collaboration on assessing the nature of agility in a corporate strategy within the Nordic financial services sector.  

Her research focuses on diversity and inclusion (D&I), gender, as well as strategy. In particular, she is interested in how to reach a more gender-inclusive financial services leadership. In her research, she will be focusing on identifying and changing context-specific micro-practices, aiming to better understand how male-dominated organizations can increase gender diversity in senior leadership roles in the Nordic context.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Gender
  • Culture
  • Organizational agility
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Ece Gürsoy (Udøver) / Interview With Ece: A Conversation About Diversity and Inclusion
: Danske Bank 2022
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