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Kontor: POR/18.B-4.146
E-mail: cj.bhl@cbs.dk
Christina Juhlin

In my PhD project ‘The organization of affective life in urban development’ I study how temporariness is used in urban transformation processes, and how spatial and social change plays out through a cultural logic of constant renewal. My project is a case study of Refshaleøen and the transition from informal to formal uses of temporariness and culture. I use ethnographic methods to attend to the ways in which actors sense and respond to spatial change, and how change organizes affective life. From organizations to urban space, I am broadly interested in the politics of this cultural logic of constant renewal and how it affects dreams of permanence and attachment.

In the autumn of 2023 I will begin the Velux HUMpraxis funded project CLIMATE-PART. With this project - a collaboration between CBS, Teknologirådet and Klimabevægelsen - I will focus on the gap between the political wish to involve citizens in climate politics and  citizens’ self-organized and everyday forms of climate participation. The aim of the project, which brings together the fields of organization, strategy and planning, is to expand current understandings and practices of participation in light of the climate crisis.

Primære forskningsområder
  • Space
  • Affect
  • Urban planning and politics
  • Culture and artistic practices
  • Qualitative methods for spatial and organisational analysis
Link til denne hjemmeside
  • Videnskabsteori 
  • The Company from a Contextual Perspective 
  • Cultural entrepreneurship: Arts and Culture 
  • Strategisk innovation og design tænkning
  • Cultural Economics and Policy: Arts and Culture




I supervise qualitative projects within the fields of arts, culture, aesthetic economy, planning, spatial theory, design and politics. I supervise both bachelor and master thesis projects.

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