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I study phenomena related to electronic communication and social influence effects in online media within and outside the organization with a mixed methods approach that blends quantitative, qualitative and network analytical methods. Example topics include the implementation/appropriation of social media, online participation, framing electronic discourses (e.g. from a management perspective), information transfer, dissemination processes or bottom-up community emergence as a part of knowledge management initiatives. One special methodological focus is on developing an event-driven method for dynamic network analysis (see the corresponding software It enables research into emerging structures and dynamic processes of networking among people. 

Primære forskningsområder
  • Collective/Collaborative Processes and Information Transfer
  • Social Media Implementation, Appropriation and Use
  • Dynamic Social Network Analysis
  • Social Influence and Diffusion Processes online
  • Social and Actor-level Aspects of E-Business 
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  • Computer-mediated Communication and Collaboration
  • Organization, Innovation, and Systems Design
  • Communication and Knowledge Management
  • Integrated Research Methods
  • Social Media Analytics
  • The Digital Battlefield
Udvalgte publikationer
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Matthias Trier; Christoffer Vildershøj Jensen / Social Media Management Metrics for Business Analytics : Investigating Managerial Challenges.
I: ECIS 2018 ProceedingsAtlanta, GA : Association for Information Systems. AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) 2018 (Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems)
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Matthias Trier / Wissensarbeit mit Social Media Plattformen : Unsicherheitsfaktoren als Managementansatz.
I: HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, Vol. 55, Nr. 4, 2018, s. 714–724
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Matthias Trier; Robert Hillmann / Does Sentiment Among Users in Online Social Networks Polarize or Balance Out? : A Sociological Perspective Using Social Network Analysis.
I: Cyberemotions: Collective Emotions in Cyberspace. . red. /Janusz A. Holyst. Berlin : Springer 2017, s. 233-253 (Understanding Complex Systems)
Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Till J. Winkler; Matthias Trier / Enterprise Social Networks : Neue Tools für das Informationsund Wissensmanagement.
I: Tools revisited – Rationalität und Kreativität durch Management-Tools?: 16. Innovationsforum der Daimler und Benz Stiftung am 20. November 2017 im Haus Huth, Berlin. Berlin : Daimler und Benz Stiftung 2017, s. 20-27
Konferencebidrag i proceedings
Matthias Trier; Magdalene Fung; Abigail Hansen / Uncertainties as Barriers for Knowledge Sharing with Enterprise Social Media
I: ECIS 2017 ProceedingsAtlanta, GA : Association for Information Systems. AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) 2017, s. 1619-1630 (Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems)
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Shahper Richter; Matthias Trier; Alexander Richter / Value Co-creation in the Digital Factory : The Empowered Role of Shop Floor Workers.
I: Proceedings of the Australasian Conference on Information Systems 2017Melbourne : RMIT University 2017
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Mimmi Sjöklint; Ioanna Constantiou; Matthias Trier / The Complexities of Self-Tracking : An Inquiry into User Reactions and Goal Attainment.
I: ECIS 2015 Proceedings. red. /Jörg Becker; Jan vom Brocke; Marco De Marco. Atlanta, GA : Association for Information Systems. AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) 2015 (Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems)
Konferencebidrag i proceedings > peer review
Matthias Trier; Alexander Richter / The Deep Structure of Organizational Online Networking : An Actor-oriented Case Study.
I: Information Systems Journal, Vol. 25, Nr. 5, 2015, s. 465-488
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Sebastian Behrendt; Alexander Richter; Sebastian Schäfer; Matthias Trier / Business Intelligence 2.0
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Bidrag til bog/antologi > peer review
Sebastian Behrendt; Alexander Richter; Matthias Trier / Mixed Methods Analysis of Enterprise Social Networks
I: Computer Networks, Vol. 75, Nr. Part B, 2014, s. 560–577
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
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