Jaakko Salminen has disseminated his research in a handful of conferences in July


Assistant Professor Jaakko Salminen has been very active in the month of July. 


On 6-8 July, he presented on the topic 'Humans as infrastructure: Personal relations and the global governance of production in times of crisis' at the Law and Infrastructure of Global Commerce conference at the University of Amsterdam, 

On 9-11 July, he presented on the topic 'Global Value Chains As Regulatory Proxy: A New Paradigm for Transnationalizing the Internal Market' at the 2022 Society for Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, together with colleagues Klaas Eller and Mikko Rajavuori. The presentation is linked to a working paper under review for Hans Micklitz, Anna Beckers and Rodrigo Vallejo's edited volume on Transnational European Law. 

On 12-15 July, he also presented at the LSA, Law and Society Association's Conference, Lissabon, where he participated in two panels: 

  • The Spatial Politics of Private International Law (presented working paper 'Chaos, control or coordination: Shaping transnational supply in a world of crises' with Isabelle Storsjö).
  • Between Socializing Markets and Decommodification (acted as commentator on panel). 
Sidst opdateret: CBS LAW // 26/07/2022