Two new publications by Caroline de la Porte

Two new publications by Caroline de la Porte (with Trine Larsen, Copenhagen University and Dorota Szelewa, University College Dublin) on the EU’s work-life balance directive.


Caroline de la Porte

The first article, 'A Gender Equalizing Regulatory Welfare State? Enacting the EU’s work-life balance directive in Denmark and Poland', adapts the ‘regulatory welfare state’ perspective ( to analyse the tensions arising from EU level regulatory policy with national actors and policies. Through structured focused analyses, the comparative article shows how actors’ positions changed from being against the directive, to addressing how to implement it, in order to maintain authority in the area of work-life balance. It is likely to lead to more gender equalization in care. 

The second publication, 'THE EU’S WORK-LIFE BALANCE DIRECTIVE: A LOST OPPORTUNITY FOR THE UK IN GENDER EQUALITY?' focuses on the likely negative impact of Brexit on work-life balance, because the directive is likely not to be implemented.