Niels le Duc publishes novel conceptual framework

Niels le Duc publishes his article: “Understanding resource commitment to R&D in multinational enterprises: a novel conceptual framework” in the Multinational Business Review.


Niels le Duc has just published a novel conceptual framework, explaining the observable differences in resource commitment to R&D units of multinational firms.

The paper addresses the influence of three main factors on a firm's resource commitment. These are (1) the purpose of R&D activities, (2) the external environment, and (3) firm experience.

The presented framework enables new research on the consequences of different resource commitment positions to firms and locations, which is of interest, considering the importance of (R&D) resource commitment to firm embeddedness, innovation, and performance.

Concretely, the framework offers MNE managers insight into when to adopt which resource commitment positions and it offers policymakers insights into the type of activities and companies they need to attract to maximize the added value of firm’s investments in their country/region.