Faith Hatani has received funding from INP

Faith Hatani's project “AI in Future Road Transport: Policy and Practice in Value Chain Innovation” is supported by the International Network Programme (INP), part of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s funding to strengthen the internationalisation of Danish research.



This networking project aims to establish a collaborative research agenda by connecting international researchers who have a common interest in artificial intelligence (AI) in the transportation/logistics sector and related areas but are currently working in different academic disciplines. The objective of the project is to identify the potentials and key issues in the application of AI technologies in transport and logistics. As a starting point, the project pays special attention to road transport, such as new types of automobiles and mobility services as well as public transport and the supporting infrastructures. Subsequently, the project intends to develop a comprehensive consideration of AI ecosystems in intermodal transport including freight trains and maritime logistics.

The total grant of the project amounts to DKK 258.065. The project is scheduled to run from 1st January 2020 to 31st August 2021.