Let’s go, but where? Invitation to Inaugural Lecture by Professor Rob E. Morgan



Let's go, but where? 

Reconciling firm orientations, strategy, and the differential performance conundrum

Professor Robert E. Morgan, Cardiff University 

Disciplinary biases, predispositions, norms and assumptions in business research have resulted in our subjects becoming more siloed now than ever. Correspondingly, in the organizational setting these biases are manifest in functional myopia. Despite considerable scholarly and managerial effort to understand how to coherently orchestrate these different orientations and capabilities within the firm, it remains a formidable challenge for top management to undertake. This seminar will: (i) explore the origins, developments, and current challenges in examining firm-level orientations and capabilities and their performance differentials; (ii) present the author’s analyses of this subject from twenty-two studies drawn from multi-source, multi-level and longitudinal data; and, (iii) propose a series of research opportunities with big data and machine learning methodologies that can surface new insights into the howwhen and where questions of strategic decision making. 


14.00-14.05 Welcome by Professor Gregor Halff, Dean of Education

14.05-14.15 Introduction by Professor Adam Lindgreen, Head of Department

14.15-15.00 Lecture by Professor Rob Morgan

15.00-16.00 Reception in Rotunden, Solbjerg Plads  


Sidst opdateret: Department of Marketing // 10/10/2019