CBS launches 20 million kroner research programme


The Danish Maritime Fund has helped CBS Maritime finance an ambitious research programme concerning "Blue Denmark's competitive challenges and strategic development potential".


The Danish Maritime Fund and five departments at CBS have granted DKK 20 million for a research programme targeted at sectoral needs. In preparing this research programme, CBS has had a dialogue with the maritime industry and the Danish Shipowners' Association about how CBS' research can contribute to the development of the competitiveness of the industry.

-    The Danish leading position in the maritime area depends heavily on targeted efforts within teaching and research activities. We are happy that CBS Maritime is leading the way with this ambitious research programme, which can contribute to increasing our competitiveness, says Anne H. Steffensen, Director General of the Danish Shipowners' Association.

Research with the business community
According to Per Holten-Andersen, President of CBS, the research programme is a shining example of CBS' link to the business community.

- A close dialogue between business community and university is necessary to create the programmes and the research that the industry needs. In the maritime industry, it is all about putting business research into play within for instance strategy, supply chain management, finance and organisation, says Per Holten-Andersen. He continues:

- The Danish Maritime Fund's co-funding of the programme is a very important signal to send about the industry's acknowledgement of CBS' role and competences. We are very pleased with that. The maritime industry is a major priority at CBS, he says.

With help from the Maritime Fund
The Danish Maritime Fund contribute the majority of the funding and are pleased with the agreement.

- On behalf of the Fund, I would like to express my appreciation that the tremendous efforts of numerous actors from Blue Denmark are now being crystallised in a large research programme at CBS, which may serve as a basis for successful further development of CBS Maritime, says Carsten Melchiors, Administrator.

For more information, please contact the academic directors for CBS Maritime: Henrik Sornn-Friese,, or Carsten Ørts Hansen, or CBS Press Relations

Facts about the research programme:

The research programme encompasses seven PhD projects and five charting projects, each affiliated with an active dialogue partner from the business community.

The seven PhD projects cover the following:

  1. The Shale Energy Boom and Tanker Shipping Strategy
  2. Legal Management of Business Risks in Volatile Markets
  3. Financial Risk Management in Shipping
  4. The Positioning of Shipping Firms in the Global Maritime Value Chain
  5. Structural Challenges to the Offshore Industry
  6. Integration of Ports in Global Maritime Value Chains
  7. Go-to-Market Strategies in the Marine Equipment Industry

The terms of the charting projects are one year and involves permanent research staff, research assistants and student assistants from several departments. The purpose of the projects are partly to support the PhD projects with data and knowledge about the maritime industry, partly to contribute directly to the teaching activities in CBS' maritime programmes and courses in the shape of teaching material.

The five charting projects are:

  1. The Commercial Opportunities and Limitations of Arctic Shipping
  2. A Business History of Finance, Ownership and Strategy in Product Tanker Shipping
  3. An Organizational Economics Analysis of Value Creation in Global Maritime Transport Chains
  4. An Industrial Organization Analysis of the Offshore Industry
  5. International Regulation and Competitiveness
Sidst opdateret: Communications // 12/02/2019