The FRIC'15 conference in the news

The FRIC'15 conference and keynote speaker, Nobel Laureate, prof. Lars Peter Hansen was featured in several news articles in August


The FRIC'15 Conference took place August 24-25, 2015 and had 170 registered participants. Among the keynote speakers, the conference featured Nobel Laureate Lars Peter Hansen, University of Chicago.

Lars Peter Hansen gave several interviews during his visit to Copenhagen Business School and to Finanswatch, Lars Peter Hansen said: ”Financial frictions is an important subject, which we may have underestimated. But it is fundamentally important how people relate to uncertainties, and the work that David (Lando, ed.) and Lasse (Heje Pedersen, ed.) do, is really at the forefront and it is also a subject that the rest of us are highly interested in". (Translated from the Danish quote).

The FRIC'15 conference was also mentioned in several articles, which you can find here: ”Politikerne skal turde træffe langsigtede økonomiske beslutninger”

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