FRIC signs contract and continues until 2022

The FRIC center has signed a 32 mill. DKK contract with the Danish National Research Foundation which secures funding until 2022


Center for Financial Frictions at the Department of Finance has just signed a contract for a second grant period with the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) thus extending the center’s funding to the maximum length of 10 years.

The DNRF Center of Excellence, Center for Financial Frictions (FRIC) has received a total of 32 mill. DKK for the second grant period which runs from April 1, 2018 until March 31, 2022. The funding level closely matches that of the center’s first 6-year period.

“We are extremely happy and proud to be able to continue our activities in the center in a second period. We will carry on with the work we have already started but also add new directions and people to the center”, says center leader and Professor of Finance David Lando.

Examples of topics that will be on the agenda in the second period include

  1. Research on the effect of financial transaction taxes
  2. Industrial organization theory of the investment management industry
  3. Corporate finance theory of banking that links accounting rules, capital and liquidity regulation to the pricing of derivatives and capital allocation in banks

FRIC will be joined by Peter Christoffersen from the University of Toronto as an associate member in the next grant period.


FRIC is a DNRF Center of Excellence. The FRIC Center investigates financial frictions, which are costs or impediments to financial transactions. Financial frictions occur for instance as a result of the varying ease by which financial assets are traded (their liquidity), the transactions costs, borrowing constraints, credit risk, capital requirements for financial institutions, and asymmetric information among market participants.
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Center leader of the FRIC Center for Financial Frictions is David Lando.



FRIC signs contract 2018-2022

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