Prof. Lucia Reisch appointed to "Ethikkommission für sichere Energieversorgung"

To advise German Chancellor Angela Merkel on safe energy issues



Lucia Reisch, Professor with cbsCSR and the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management, has kindly accepted German Chancellor Angela Merkel's request for Prof Reisch to be a member of "Ethikkommission für sichere Energieversorgung" - a new ethics committee on safe energy supply.

The Committee will advise the Chancellor and the German Parliament, the Bundestag, on how to make German's energy supply safe and more environmentally friendly in the years to come. The German Government wishes to  restructure its power market and move towards more extensive use of renewable energy sources.

The initiative has been made after the nuclear consequences of the serious earthquake in Japan have become evident. An analysis of the safety of all German nuclear power plants will now be made as part of the Committee's work.

The "Ethikkommission für sichere Energieversorgung" consists of 17 members from academia, public institutions, agencies and NGOs. It is led by Klaus Töpler, a German politician, environmental politics expert and prior executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme, and by Professor Matthias Kleiner, President of the German Research Foundation.

Please contact Professor Lucia Reisch for more information.

Read more about the Commission here.

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 12/10/2012