New recommendations on CSR to the Danish Government

 From the Danish Council on Corporate Social Responsibility


On 23 November the Danish Council for Corporate Social Responsibility published its new recommendations to the Danish Government for how Danish companies can work with CSR in the future.

The council recommends efforts within four specific areas, which are 1) Strategic anchoring and global frontrunners, 2) Accordance with internationally recognised principles, 3) Communication and reporting, and 4) Creating a favourable environment for CSR between actors and sectors.

Read the Council's recommendations here (in Danish only).

The purpose of the Danish Council for Corporate Social Responsibility is to support and contribute to the Danish companies work on CSR. The Council is chaired by Mads Øvlisen, former Chairman of Novo Nordisk and Adjunct Professor at cbsCSR. Professor Mette Morsing, Director of cbsCSR, is also a member of the Council.

Read more about the Council here.

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 12/10/2012